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Eugster Elisabeth
Dr. sc. techn. ETH


Abteilungsleiterin Food Science & Management


Abteilung Food Science & Management

Curriculum vitae

Academic and further education

2000Certificate in Education at Universities of Applied Sciences (DIS Zertifikat)
1997 – 2001Assistant and Research Fellow ETHZ, PhD thesis «Adsorption behavior of proteins and low molecular weight lipids of cow’s milk at the phase-interphase», assistant to Prof. Dr. Zdenko Puhan
1986 – 1991Food Science and Technology MSc ETHZ (dipl. Lm.-Ing. ETHZ ), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland

Professional experience

Since 2017Head of Division Food Science & Management, HAFL
Since 1995Professor for Food Sciences and Technology; lecturing microbiology, meat technology, dairy technology, cheese technology, starter culture development, sensorial evaluation, BSc modules of HAFL
2013 (4 months)Alpine dairywoman at Alp Malschüel (Switzerland), herding of 265 goats, responsible for the transformation of goat milk into goat cheese
2003 – 2016Research group and research division leader at Agroscope research station, Liebefeld (Switzerland), development of new bacterial starter cultures, research in microbial biodiversity of fermented foods, food quality and safety, national and international food safety regulations, research projects in dairy as well as cheese technology, reserach in meat technology, microbiology, biochemistry, responsible for Agroscope strain collection, board member of the Agroscope starter production facility, conceptualisation, management and implementation of third party funded research projects in collaboration with Swiss dairy industry
1991 – 1995Development manager at LIPTON-SAIS Unilever Switzerland, development and improvement of vegetable oil/fat products, vegetable fat spread, dressings