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Lehmann Robert


Dozent für Didaktik und Methodik / Leiter Minor Unterricht und Beratung


Abteilung Studiengangsübergreifende Disziplinen (SüD)

Curriculum vitae


2000 - 2002Postgraduate Study in Training and Adult Education Management at the University of Berne
1979 - 1984Study of Agricultural Economics at Swiss Federal Institute of Technologie ETH Zurich

Experiences and Positions

Since 2013Head of Unit Teaching and Extension
Since 2012

Lecturer at the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences

Focus on vocational education and training systems, curriculum development, qualification procedures, didactics and extension methodology

Consultancies in Switzerland and abroad

2002 - 2011Head of Education and Deputy Director General at the Inforama, Centre for Agricultural Education and Extension of the Canton of Berne (largest vocational training centre in agriculture in Switzerland with 1700 students and 230 staff members)
1995 - 2002Lecturer and Scientific Collaborator for Didactics and Methodology of Teaching of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the ETH Zurich (50%)
Teacher and Consultant for Farm Management at the centre for vocational training and extension in agriculture, Emmental, Switzerland (50%)
1991 - 1994Expert for Training and Extension in the Indo-Swiss Project Andhra Pradesh India in Hyderabad, India
1984 - 1991Teacher and Extension Expert at the Vocational Agricultural School Emmental, Berne

Areas of competence

  • Teaching methodology, teacher training, didactics
  • Development of educational programs, curriculum development and design of qualification procedures
  • Leadership and general management in an educational context
  • Extension methodology, adult education, change management with strategy development, process and quality management
  • Facilitation of workshops and training sessions



Team Knowledge Systems and Knowledge Transfer


Tel. +41 (0)31 910 22 90