International agriculture and rural development

Agricultural production systems

The focus of these projects and mandates is sustainable agricultural production in developing and transitional countries suffering from climate change, demographic growth and scarce resources.



Access to markets and value chains

The team addresses, for example, the improvement of market access for the poor and the development of value chains in the context of international agricultural trade and agricultural policy.



Society and policies

The focus in this area is on change in rural societies. This HAFL team is, for example, concerned with livelihood strategies or poverty reduction.  


Capacity development and knowledge management

The specialists in this team use their know-how in education, extension and knowledge management in various projects from curriculum development to website management. more


Project management

HAFL specialists plan, develop and evaluate external projects, measure the impact of these projects, and carry out effectiveness and efficiency analyses.



Cooperation between BFH-HAFL and AGRIDEA

BFH-HAFL’s international agriculture and rural development team is engaging in a strategic partnership with AGRIDEA, in which it will continue the international cooperation services provided by AGRIDEA.

AGRIDEA press release (pdf, in German)



Prof. Dr. Lindsey Norgrove


 Phone +41 (0)31 910 21 49



Sebastian Mengel


Phone +41 (0)31 910 29 31