Multifunctional forest management

In their research projects and service contracts in the area of forest science, the HAFL employees develop practical principles and innovative IT tools for the sustainable and use-oriented management of Swiss forests. They not only consider the productive and protective functions of the forest, but also always keep in mind its social significance. In addition to their work in Switzerland, HAFL forest specialists contribute to international forest policy and are involved in the discussion about the role of forests in strategies to fight climate change.

Forest production

Researchers develop solutions for efficient and sustainable forest management in Switzerland, focusing on the supply and use of timber.


Mountain forests, natural hazards and GIS

The scientists in this team study the effect of the forest on natural hazards, using GIS-based simulations, calculations and on-site surveys. They focus in particular on sustainable management of protective forests and natural regeneration in mountain forests. more


Forests and society

The research team is concerned with inter- and trans-disciplinary issues in forest-society systems, from forest ecology through forest inventory and forest growth to climate change. more


International forest sciences

At the heart of the projects in the field of international forest science is the development and implementation of viable solutions for the sustainable management of forests at a global level. more



Prof. Dr Bernhard Pauli

Head of Division Forest Science


Phone +41 (0)31 910 21 07