Researching and developing together

Are you looking for a practical yet scientifically based solution tailored to your specific needs? Work with HAFL and benefit from the technical knowledge of various experts, the infrastructure and the national and international networks.


Forms of collaboration 

  • Research cooperation
    You conduct a research project together with HAFL experts and, if need be, other external partners. The project participants share the costs. Such projects often receive public funding, for example from the CTI, the SNSF, the EU or other institutions.
  • Contract research and consulting
    You award HAFL a concrete research contract or HAFL experts perform consultancy work for you – for example, coaching sessions, evaluations or analyses. You pay the usual market price for contract research or consulting.
  • Students’ written coursework
    Under the supervision of HAFL staff, students address issues pertinent to your business or institution in their term papers or theses. You pay part of the costs incurred during the work.


Dr. Doris Herrmann

Head of Research, Consulting & Further Education


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