BFH Centre for Food Systems

The set of capabilities united at the BFH Centre for Food Systems is unique in Switzerland. The Centre addresses all the current and practically relevant challenges in the food chain. The approach is holistic, encompassing crop production and livestock farming, processing operations and the aspects of consumption and nutrition

Researchers at the BFH Centre for Food Systems have a wealth of expertise and experience, gathered both within Switzerland and abroad. In addition to their capabilities in agricultural production, processing, consumption and nutrition, they explore numerous cross-cutting aspects. The Centre's interdisciplinary approach enables it to deliver solutions from one source. Its research teams operate in the following fields:


Crop production and plant breeding

Optimisation of production systems, improvement of the quality of arable crops, fertilisation and plant protection, PCR diagnostics for the detection of plant diseases and pests, inter-farm arable crop rotation systems


Ruminant and forage production systems

Resource-efficient milk production, optimisation of production technology, applied forage cultivation and fodder cropping



Animal genetics

Analysis of genetic architecture, genome-wide association studies, conservation of genetic diversity in farm animals, breeding value assessment



Livestock care, health and feeding

Feedstuffs, feeding strategies, feeding behaviour, metabolic disorders and udder diseases in dairy cows, animal housing systems and facilities, housing hygiene and climate, meat quality in pigs

more (ruminants), more (pigs)


Food processing

Analysing and improving meat product quality, process and product innovations

more (meat quality), more (process and product innovations)



Sensory analysis, consumer panels, representative market and consumer surveys, key driver analysis, preference mapping




Nutritional physiology, targeted use of foods and their ingredients, dietary recommendations for particular consumer groups



Further collaborators

In addition to the above research teams, experts in the following fields contribute to activities at the BFH Centre for Food Systems:

  • Policies, markets and value chains
  • Business analysis, innovation management, marketing
  • Social change in rural areas
  • Knowledge systems and transfer
  • Sustainability assessment
  • Biodiversity and ecology

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Prof. Dr Peter Spring

Head of BFH Centre for Food Systems


Phone +41 (0)31 910 21 61

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