HAFL, FiBL and SFS form strategic partnership for sustainability

Sustainability does not stop at production-system borders like ‘conventional’, ‘integrated’ or ‘organic’. Rather, it relates to working conditions and quality of life on farms, the quality of produce, profitability, conservation of resources and caring for the natural environment.  Sustainable agriculture is therefore an important issue for all farmers and for society and the environment. 


The School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (HAFL) of Bern University of Applied Sciences and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) together champion sustainable agriculture.  The sustainability specialists of both institutions have developed methods and tools to make sustainability measurable, communicable and better implementable. The aim of these methods – RISE from HAFL and SMART from FiBL – is always to support the agriculture and food industries in objectively evaluating their sustainability performance and in making optimisations with a view to sustainability.  Sustainable Food Systems GmbH, a subsidiary of FiBL, is involved in this work as a commercial partner.

Now the three institutions have deepened their partnership by developing an innovative consultancy portfolio in the area of sustainability. They will also work together to build up a Swiss network of sustainability with other partners. In this way, they hope to strengthen knowledge building and exchange between scientists and practitioners.


Prof. Dr Jan Grenz


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