Plant production systems

Arable cropping and plant breeding

Sustainable production of high-quality arable crops is what the HAFL “Arable crop production” team strives for. The team’s core expertise is in optimising production systems in arable crop production. more


Agricultural and process engineering

The agricultural and process engineering team at BFH-HAFL research and develop practical solutions to meet the technical needs of farmers and contractors. 



Use and conservation of the soil

The HAFL pedology team researches and develops methods to evaluate and map soil characteristics in order to optimise soil use and consequently conserve the soil.


Ruminant and forage production systems

The team investigates agricultural grassland use and the optimisation of grassland-based agricultural production systems.



Plant protection and agroecology

The “Plant protection and agroecology” team takes an holistic approach to the management of natural resources and develops workable solutions in this field.



Energy engineering

The webpage is currently under construction.


Prof. Dr Andreas Keiser


Phone +41 (0)31 910 21 50