• Feeding
    Livestock feed, feeding strategies, feed efficiency, nutrient cycling, feeding behaviour, milk production
  • Animal health & reproduction
    Metabolic diseases, mastitis, heat detection
  • Animal husbandry
    Housing systems and facilities, housing hygiene and climate, pastured livestock management, cow handling, milking technology


Prof Dr Samuel Kohler, Team Leader, Lecturer in Animal Health and Livestock Management

Stefan Probst, Lecturer in Livestock Nutrition

Rahel Joss, Assistant

Nathalie RothResearch Scientist

Andreas ScheurerResearch Scientist

Daniela Wasem, Assistant

Danja Wiederkehr, Research Scientist


Field testing of the RumiWatch monitoring system

RumiWatch is a tool for automatic health monitoring in ruminants. In cooperation with ITIN + HOCH GmbH – the company that developed the system – and Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon (ART), HAFL is carrying out field trials to assess the applications of RumiWatch in monitoring feeding behaviour, activity and health in ruminants. The system is also tested on horses.

Project management HAFL: Samuel Kohler


Systems comparison of milk production in Hohenrain

Over a period of three years the researchers compared the two most significant milk production strategies applied worldwide, i.e. the “confinement system aiming at maximum production per cow” and the “continuous grazing system aiming at maximum production per hectare of grazing land”. The aim of the project was to consistently optimise both production systems and to compare them in terms of business management and production technology.

Project description

Anemon: Automatic heat detection in cows

Heat detection in dairy cows has become a problem on many farms. With increased milk yields it has become harder to observe heats and, moreover, the estrus phase is becoming ever shorter. HAFL developed the Anemon estrus monitoring system in cooperation with the Engineering and Information Technology Department of the Bern University of Applied Sciences. The system uses a wireless sensor that is temporarily implanted in the cow’s vagina. If the cow is in heat the system sends a text message to the farmer’s mobile phone.

Project management: Samuel Kohler


Prof. Dr Samuel Kohler


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