Project management


  • Identification, design, planning and evaluation of projects
  • Feasibility studies
  • Impact assessment
  • Effectiveness and efficiency analysis


Most members of the International Agriculture group are engaged in project management activities.


Current projects and mandates

The portfolio of the International Agriculture group in the area of project management comprises consultancies in various countries. A selection of projects:


Cost-Benefit Analysis of SDC Projects (global)

In recent years the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has increasingly been focusing on the question of how to improve the effectiveness of development cooperation. Donors and partner countries normally agree on concrete results. The quantitative method of cost-benefit analysis serves to measure the effect of projects. In the context of a backstopping mandate, HAFL provides SDC field offices with support for planning, implementing and interpreting such analyses.

Project management: Dominique Guenat


Evaluation of Swiss food aid with dairy products (global)

Since 1959 the federal government has been implementing a food aid programme using Swiss dairy products. Mandated by SDC, HAFL is evaluating the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and integration of the ‘dairy programme’. This evaluation will contribute to the improvement and continuation of the food aid programme with Swiss dairy products.

Project management: Nancy Bourgeois

Project description


External Evaluation of «Plantwise» (Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Tanzania)

Plantwise is a global initiative, led by CABI, to improve the food security and lives of the rural poor by reducing crop losses. Farmers bring plants affected by pests and diseases to ‘plant clinics’ – normally situated at local markets – and they receive a diagnosis and recommendations for disease control. The various actors involved in plant protection in a specific country evaluate the diagnoses and thereby create important new knowledge. The program is co-financed by SDC; HAFL conducted an external evaluation of the programme in 2013.

Project management: Urs Scheidegger

External Evaluation of «ASEAN-Swiss Partnership on Social Forestry and Climate Change» (Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam)

Half of the land area of the ten countries forming the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is covered by forests. These precious natural resources are threatened by various economic interests. The ASEAN-Swiss Partnership Programme is working to counteract this trend by developing social forestry approaches together with the local population that are then integrated into the climate strategies of the ASEAN countries. In 2013, HAFL conducted an external evaluation of this SDC-financed programme.


A more comprehensive overview of current projects in all areas of international agriculture is given in a separate project list.


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