Agricultural policy and markets


  • Impact analysis of agricultural policy
    Macro-level economic cost-benefit analyses for the agricultural industry, macro- and regional-level economic analyses of value chains and productivity and analysis of the effects of political measures on the Swiss agricultural system. 
  • Analysis of agricultural markets 
    Impact analyses of changing agricultural markets, analysis of the effects of free trade agreements and other economic scenarios on the Swiss agricultural industry. 

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Prof. Martin PidouxLecturer in Agricultural Policy and Markets

Barbara Eiselen, Research Scientist


Current projects and mandates 

Agriculture in the Romandy – economic situation and future prospects

What is the economic situation of agriculture in the Romandy (French-speaking Switzerland) in 2015? How should it position itself strategically? The study has three parts: the statistical analysis of the structures and economic situation of agriculture in the Romandy, the strategic analysis of 20 typical farms distributed across various cantons and the analysis of four agricultural value chains, namely bread cereals, wine, milk and poultry meat. This study was mandated by AGORA (Association des groupements et organisations romands de l’agriculture).

Project management: Martin Pidoux

Publication «Zukunftsstrategien für eine dynamische Westschweizer Landwirtschaft» (pdf)


Prof. Martin Pidoux


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