Agricultural economics

Agricultural policy and markets

The focus of this area is the impact analysis of agricultural policy and the consequent changes in agricultural markets, and also the analysis of various political and economic scenarios.  more


Business management in the agricultural industry

The team is concerned with management principles, the development, implementation and controlling of business strategies, cost accounting and the effects of agricultural policy and legislation on businesses. more


Value chains and marketing

The researchers analyse the actors involved in the value chain, the pricing and the definition of quality criteria at various levels. Based on the results of these analyses, they make suggestions for the optimisation of the value chain. more


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Agricultural marketing and regional economics

This area focuses on market research and strategic planning in the agricultural industry, analysis and optimisation of regional value chain systems and potential analysis for rural tourism and rural regions. more


Rural sociology

The researchers are concerned with people in the agricultural and food system – in the context of social, economic, political and environmental change. Their findings throw light on social sustainability in particular.  more



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