Resource-efficient agricultural production systems

HAFL conducts research projects and provides services in all areas of agricultural science. Clients from the private sector, public administration and non-profit organisations call on the varied and interdisciplinary knowledge of HAFL employees, whose core competencies are agricultural economics, international agriculture, sustainability and ecosystems, livestock systems and horse care, and plant production systems.


Agricultural economics

The research team works for the agro-food industry along the value chain in areas such as agricultural policy and markets, business management, agricultural marketing, regional economics and rural sociology. more


International agriculture and rural development

The international agriculture team works on mandates and projects in developing countries in the areas of production engineering, ecology and socio-economics.


Sustainability and ecosystems

Research in the areas of sustainability and ecosystems focuses on grassland ecology, farm manure, compost and digestate, and sustainability assessment.



Livestock systems and horse care

In addition to horse care, HAFL has considerable research expertise in the areas of animal genetics, ruminants, pigs and meat quality.




Plant production systems

Research in the area of plant production systems at HAFL focuses on crop production and plant breeding, agricultural engineering, fodder production, plant protection and agricultural ecology. more





Prof. Dr. Peter Spring

Head of Division Agriculture


Tel. +41 (0)31 910 21 61