Research and Consulting at HAFL


The applied research carried out at HAFL centres on the challenges which agriculture, forestry and the food industry are facing today. It develops practical and scientifically sound solutions which accommodate the needs of different users from the private sector, public administrations and non-profit organisations. The school cooperates with a multitude of national and international research partners, and relies on this wide-ranging network to carry out complex and resource-intensive research projects.


Consulting Services

HAFL offers a wide range of consulting services, tailored to suit its individual clients, who profit from the knowledge and experience acquired by the school through its teaching and research activities. Approximately 40 highly-qualified HAFL employees develop innovative and customised solutions for national and international clients from the agricultural, forest and food industries. Clients benefit from the varied professional experience obtained by the HAFL specialists in approximately 100 countries.


BFH Centres: Food Systems and Wood – Resource and Material

HAFL plays a leading role in two of the BFH research centres: the BFH Centre for Food Systems and the BFH Centre for Wood – Resource and Material. In both these areas, BFH is the only Swiss university of applied sciences to cover the entire value chain – from primary production to the end users.


Transdisciplinary Knowledge

HAFL favours transversal and integrated approaches to problem solving, combining its in-depth knowledge of the three specialist areas with its specific skills in educational methodology. The main interdisciplinary topics at HAFL are:

  • Value chains
  • Production systems
  • Sustainability
  • Change in rural society
  • Management of natural resources and climate change

Collaborating with HAFL

Businesses, public administration or non-profit organisations can access the know-how of HAFL staff in various ways. Whether through research cooperation, contract research, consulting or students’ written coursework: HAFL offers suitable forms of collaboration for all requirements.



Dr. Doris Herrmann

Head of Research, Consulting & Further Education


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