Degree programmes

HAFL offers five degree programmes which are unique in their form: BSc programmes in Agriculture, Forest Science and Food Science & Management (Food Technology) and two MSc programmes (Life Sciences) in Agricultural & Forest Sciences and Food, Nutrition & Health.




Student exchange

The HAFL encourages its students and lecturers to take part in exchange programmes. Studying or working abroad means broadening one`s horizons. The stay abroad usually takes place during the 4th or 5th semester and lasts between three months and a year.



The applied research carried out at HAFL centres on the challenges which agriculture, forestry and the food industry are facing today. It develops practical and scientifically sound solutions which accommodate the needs of different users from the private sector, public administrations and non-profit organisations.



Consulting Services

HAFL offers a wide range of consulting services, tailored to suit its individual clients, who profit from the knowledge and experience acquired by the school through its teaching and research activities. Approximately 40 highly-qualified HAFL employees develop innovative and customised solutions for national and international clients from the agricultural, forest and food industries.


About the HAFL

The HAFL in Zollikofen is a centre of excellence in the agricultural, forestry and food industries.







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