Studying at HAFL

HAFL offers three bachelor’s degree programmes and one master’s degree programme with two specialisations:


Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Bachelor of Science in Forest Science

Bachelor of Science in Food Science

Master of Science in Life Sciences – Agricultural and Forest Sciences

Master of Science in Life Sciences – Food, Nutrition & Health


The languages of instruction at bachelor’s level are German and French (also English for the Agriculture major in International Agriculture), and at master’s level, English.

Bachelor’s degree programmes

At BFH-HAFL, the bachelor’s degree programmes last three years full-time (three-and-a-half years for the major in International Agriculture). They are practical programmes preparing you for professional life. You will graduate with the federally recognised degree title ‘Bachelor of Science’ (BSc). This degree is the ideal qualification for entering a profession. It is also a precondition for a subsequent master’s degree.


Master’s degree programme

The master’s degree programme offers the opportunity to acquire deeper and more specialised knowledge and is markedly application-oriented. It lasts at least one-and-a-half years. BFH-HAFL graduates are awarded the federally recognised degree title ‘Master of Science (MSc) in Life Sciences’.


Having completed this degree programme, you will have the management-level skills required by employers in the agricultural, forest and food industries: practical specialists who can work scientifically and manage complex projects competently.


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