Regional Management in Mountain Areas

By taking this major, you have the opportunity to gain a double Master’s degree: the MSc in Life Sciences from Bern University of Applied Sciences and the MSc in Regional Management in Mountain Areas from Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (HSWT) in Germany.


During this major, you will combine your knowledge of ecological and socio-economic issues with the management of regional development in mountain areas. You will therefore be studying how nature, land use, society and politics interact. In particular, you will be concerned with:

  • agricultural and forest production in the Alpine region
  • specific natural hazards and risk management
  • current methods for geospatial analysis, such as GIS
  • project management
  • regional planning
  • nature reserves
  • tourism
  • leadership and human resources management
  • public relations and conflict management

The content is specifically oriented to mountain areas and will be illustrated by examples from the Alps.


Structure and modules


Master’s thesis

The Master’s thesis is generally embedded within a HAFL or HSWT project. You may, however, also do it together with another research or industry partner, for example your employer.


Open thesis topics (pdf)


Abstracts of completed theses

Virtual walk using the sylvothèque (Viola Sala) (pdf)


Career prospects

On completion of your studies, you will be well qualified to take on challenging senior positions in regional development, nature reserves, protected areas and natural hazard management.


You will be active at the interfaces between nature, society and the economy, working in associations, environmental organisations, in tourism or public administration. Or you will take a senior position in the agricultural or forestry departments of mountain cantons.


Prof. Dr Urs Scheidegger


Phone +41 (0)31 910 21 11

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