HAFL: always close to the action

HAFL teaches and researches agricultural, forest and food sciences. It prepares Bachelor and Master-level students for their professional future as methodologically competent and solution-oriented specialists and managers.


With its applied research, HAFL develops solutions for current problems and future challenges. It delivers customised services in Switzerland and worldwide, and offers continuing education which links the latest scientific knowledge with practical know-how.


In everything it does, HAFL is holistically oriented, scientific, multifaceted and innovative.

Degree Programmes: unique x 5

HAFL offers five unique degree programmes:

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Bachelor of Science in Forest Science

Bachelor of Science in Food Science

Master of Science in Life Sciences – Agricultural and Forest Sciences

Master of Science in Life Sciences – Food, Nutrition and Health


Application-oriented education is one of HAFL’s most important hallmarks.


Research & consulting services: tracking innovation

The applied research and the wide range of innovative consulting services carried out at HAFL centres on the challenges which agriculture, forestry and the food industry are facing today. It develops practical and scientifically sound solutions which accommodate the needs of different users from the private sector, public administrations and non-profit organisations.


Partners: in the lead by joining forces

One of HAFL’s greatest strengths is its wide-ranging and diverse network. In Switzerland and all over the world, it has more than one hundred partnerships across its range of activities. 

HAFL works with private companies, other educational institutions, public administrations and non-profit organisations.  This cooperation enables HAFL to apply its know-how around the globe.


Further education: a finger on the pulse

HAFL offers practitioners a wide range of further education opportunities, linking the latest scientific knowledge with practical know-how. With conferences and seminars, HAFL also provides ideal platforms for research-practitioners to present the latest applied scientific findings.


Bern University of Applied Sciences

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